I grew up in Manchester, UK, but was born in North Yorkshire. My dad grew up in Yorkshire and my mum is from Istanbul. I’m currently Co-Founder and CTO of a Turkish fashion aggregator, called StilGiyin. In November 2014 we lauched an aggregator for the Indian market: StyleBuys. Before StilGiyin I did a BSc in maths at the University of Warwick (2000-2003), where I focused on pure maths, and then followed that with a Certificate of Advanced Study in Mathematics (2003-2004) at King’s College, University of Cambridge, focusing on algebra while also taking courses in analysis and combinatorics. While studying maths I became interested in philosophy and was able to stay at King’s College for 2 more years, reading for a BA in philosophy as an “affiliated student” (2004-2006).

My first job after graduation was as an actuarial analyst with Jardine Lloyd Thompson (2007). In 2008 I continued actuarial work with Hazell Carr. From the end of 2008 I began a change of direction, becoming more interested in the Web and in improving my technical skills (such as coding). I was an intern for openDemocracy in 2009 and started an internship with Mendeley in September 2009. I began an MSc in computer science at Bristol in October 2010, completing it in September 2011, and began a PhD in October 2011 (in the Intelligent Systems Laboratory at Bristol).